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Forging by National Steel Industries | India | Mumbai

Forged Products


Forged Products

Forged Steel means the type of steel which is heated first and then shaped according to our preference.

National Steel Industries is an expert in providing industry-standard forged products. The forged products supplied by us are free from any defects. They are Ultra-Sound Tested materials which always match our customer's requirements. 

The materials are provided with a Material Test Certificate. The material's chemical composition and mechanical properties are tested before dispatch and hence only quality materials get delivered to our customers. 

Forged Products | National Steel Industries | India


Forged Round Bars | National Steel Industries | SAE 4140, IS 2062

Forged Round Bars

Forged Round Bars are provided at premium quality. 3, 4mm steel forged rods to 1500mm dia. The forged round bars are of export quality. 

Free Material Test Certificate will be provided with the materials. The material's chemical composition, Ultra Sound and mechanical properties are tested before the dispatch and hence there is no mixing of materials

Common Grades: Carbon Steel, Mild Steel, EN8, C45, En9, Alloy Steel.

Flat Metal Bars | Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Flat Bars

Flat Metal Bars

Our Sharp Cornered forged flats do not require torch/flame cutting. Any thickness within our capabilities can be produced on one of our three steam-driven hammers, our capabilities are as follows:

Dimensional Specification
Length up to 120"

No minimum requirement.

Material Specification
Our flat is available in Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel.

Forged Circles | National Steel Industries | India | Mumbai

Forged Circle

We are involved in the manufacturing of high quality forged circles. Forged steel circles manufactured by us are used for various engineering applications across the industries.

Dimensional Specification
Up to 1200mm Outer Diameter


Material Specification:

Our Circle is available in Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel.

Die Forging, Ring and Gears | Alloy Steel | Carbon Steel

Die Forging Ring and Gears

Our modern equipment allows us the flexibility to produce rings in a variety of grades and configurations. These forged rings are available in different diameters, weights and thicknesses which can be used for enormous purposes.

Dimensional Specification
Up to 1000 MM Outer Diameter


Our forging experts are capable of producing special shapes, send us your drawing. Size and weight upon application.

Save time on machining from solid bar
No minimum requirement

Material Specification
Our Spindles are available in Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel.

Forged Metal blocks - national steel industries - india - mumbai

Forged Blocks

We manufacture high-quality Blocks. We always believe in manufacturing excellent quality steel blocks with no compromise on quality.


Dimensional Specification
Any size up to our capability.

Material Specification
Our blocks are available in Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel.

Forged Yolkes by National Steel Industries

Forged Yokes 

Forged Yokes have assisted us in carving a niche for ourselves in the industry, owing to its exceptional reliability. Made from carbon steel, our Forged Yokes are consumed by the O.E.


Machining units due to their Normalized Microstructure with the fine distribution of lamellar pearlite in the matrix of ferrite.


Further, our Forged Yokes are offered at the most affordable prices.

Forging by National Steel Industries.jpg

We can provide you with a wide range of steel products and different grades of Steel.

Check out the various Forged Products grades available with us.


Directional Strength: The forging process produces directional alignment (grain flow) for important directional properties of strength, ductility and resistance to impact and fatigue.

Impact Strength: Through proper grain flow orientation; the forging Process can develop the maximum impact strength and fatigue resistance. Possible in a metal.

Structural Integrity: As is well known, a forging’s structural reliability is Exceptional compared to other metalworking processes. There are no internal gas pockets or voids that may cause unexpected failure under conditions of high stress or impact.

Sometimes we have raw materials which is not of required size, length or shape. So in these situations, we use forging to shape the steel to the required size, length and shape. Eg: We make Flanges by forging steel. Forging is also used for elongation. Sometimes,  raw material is elongated so that its elastic properties gets reduced and hence in these conditions, forging is used. 

Forging is done by heating the steel raw material in a furnace and then we beat the material with hammer or press. If quantity is small, the hammer used involves manual work and if the size of the round bar is large, then we will press the material with Hydraulic Press. Forging is also used to increase the surface area of a material in required places. Forged Bars also offers refined grains and high tensile strength to the bar.

Conclusion: Forging is not the least expensive method but it is the best. When looking for hubs, axles, spindles and similar, don't be fooled by low Pricing that may indicate an inferior method of manufacturing.

Gears Made from Steel Round Bars | National Steel Industries | India | Mumbai
Steel Pillar supports made from Round Bars | National Steel Industries | India | Mumbai
Machining Use of Round Bars
Shafts made from Round Bars | National Steel Industries | India | Mumbai
Round Bars uses to make Nut and Bolts
Oil Rigs Uses Round Bars | National Steel Industries | India | Mumbai
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